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Current Projects


McOwens Energy currently will be drilling in three oil fields within the State of Kentucky. The Petty Lease is located in Adair County. This is an area that has been known for decades and is a prime area to drill for oil in the Bluegrass State. McOwens Energey formerly worked on The Clark and Simmons Leases which were adjoined together in Green County, near the town of Greensburg, KY. Drilling started in these leases in 2005 and over $20 million of oil revenue has been generated since drilling began. We drilled one well on each lease for a total of two wells.

The Petty Lease is a very exciting play. Oil has been drilled on the Petty Lease, near Columbia, KY., starting in 1984. Since that time over $10 million of oil revenue has been generated from this play. In 2010, an oil well was drilled on this lease, becoming one of the largest producing oil wells in Kentucky history. We will be drilling one well in an offset location on the Petty Lease.

In 2010, over 15,000 barrels of crude oil was recovered from these leases that we will be drilling on. This means that McOwens Energy will be drilling in three offset locations that have produced a total of over $30 million in oil revenue.

To receive information about this project, please fill out the questionnaire below and email it to us, or feel free to give us a call at 502-609-3995.

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